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If you hadn’t guessed it, The Extra Piece of Chicken is just the beginning.

Marco Polo, the provider of The Extra Piece of Chicken, is an innovation consultancy that drives transformative growth for its clients with new products, brands and businesses.

Combining commercial and retail wisdom, strategic vision and “talked about” creation skills, we understand the necessity of bringing scale, speed and pragmatism to our clients’ business challenges!

We have developed a proprietary approach, that starts with one goal, to create ideas that ship and transform businesses.

That means we think in terms of Strategies, Tactics and Ideas and why they are intrinsically connected.

Marco Polo has helped create over $5 billion worth of new products and services from brassieres to pizza, candy to crayons, feminine protection to fire protection. You’ll find that we’re different, we work at a higher level – thinking about product and service innovation as well as strategy and design.

Based in Las Vegas (the consumption petri dish of the world) with an office in Cincinnati (can you say dichotomy) Marco Polo’s business is built on recommendation and repeat. We pride ourselves in “Owning your Challenge”!

Please be sure to visit our website for more information on who we are and what we can offer you and your company.


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