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I’m a Local

Grocery stores are stocked with choices galore but shoppers are looking for more! They want ways to serve themselves and to serve a greater cause. Consumers want their purchases to mean something and the tie breaker between choices is often the chance to support their local communities. The economy is still flat-lining and buying eco-friendly […]

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Mysterious and Exotic Brilliance

Grabbing consumers attention is becoming more and more difficult as the marketplace becomes saturated with new brands and products but consumers will always enjoy a good moment of discovery– the “what’s new”. They love to experiment with ingredients, colors, etc. when it comes to their face and hair. Consumers are intrigued by the unknown. There […]

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Power of Two

When consumers want something more from a brand one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of delivering that desired benefit is to let another brand bring it. Great branding does all the heavy lifting when you use the Power of Two. Your brand offers the fundamental benefit and your ‘guest brand’ offers something your […]

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