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Brand Equity

Expanding your business into new categories can be difficult, but when consumers have tried and trust your brand, they give you permission to enter into new territories. During our immersion at the SuperZoo Convention in Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, we saw equity brands branch off into the pet category like Shout Pets, Burt’s Bees Natural […]

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Tide Rolls On

Tide has been an iconic, trusted brand for 60 years. Now, the power of the brand has lent itself to a new chain of franchises and a brilliant new way for Procter & Gamble to expand the Tide name. Tide Dry Cleaners illustrates the power of a brand and its ability to expand into new […]

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Power of Two

When consumers want something more from a brand one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of delivering that desired benefit is to let another brand bring it. Great branding does all the heavy lifting when you use the Power of Two. Your brand offers the fundamental benefit and your ‘guest brand’ offers something your […]

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