At Marco Polo Explorers we are idea generation experts. We drive transformative growth for our clients with new products, brands and businesses. You’ll find that we’re different, we work at a higher level – thinking about product and service innovation as well as strategy and design.

Our goal is simple, to create ideas that ship to market for our clients. In over 20 years we’ve delivered on that goal and push ourselves daily to stay prolific.

Because all we care about is profitable idea generation, we tend to create a lot of ideas and feel compelled  to “give some away”, because frankly we don’t want the ideas sitting, when they could be utilized.
Our appreciative clients helped us name these unexpected freebies as an “extra piece of chicken”, or a lagniappe (the Cajun term for under promising and over delivering).

We are on the lookout for ideas 24/7, and wish to share each insightful execution with you. Be sure to visit our social media campaigns, we are certain you will be inspired by them.


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