Happy Humbug

Broken Pattern

Patterns are difficult to break, but breaking them is so refreshing!

What kinds of things just happen in your life? On Friday night, Halloween, New Year’s eve, your birthday? What do you do every Christmas? What would you change?

Things take on greater importance or significance when you change them. That’s how habits and customs get their importance. “Instead of going to the movies like we do every Saturday night, let’s rent a bunch, make some popcorn, and stay home.” A new tradition starts. And it stays until you break that pattern and try something new.

Let the record show that every tradition appeared first as something to do instead of nothing or instead of an already established tradition. The big one, Christmas, knocked over a variety of winter solstice celebrations. And it continued to evolve. The Christmas we call a “dyed-in-the-wool” tradition today is a product of Victorian England. And it’s still evolving.

Funning thing about traditions, follow them mindlessly and they lose their meaning. Put them to the test by breaking their patterns and they come up with more meaning. That’s the beauty of blockbusting or any kind of pattern breaking.

What do you take for granted? What habits, daily patterns, holiday, or traditions do you do without thinking, without gaining any real satisfaction? Write them down. Then take some time to consider what you could change about each one. I guarantee you’ll surprise yourself with every pattern you break. And the patterns you return to, you’ll appreciate all the more after having put them to the test.

Image: © Jill Casara Photography


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