Say You Like It


What do you do when someone you live or work with screws up? In short, condition yourself to resist giving automatic criticism. More specifically, take the following simple steps next time, and I promise you everyone will come out a winner.

LISTEN. Resist your urge to judge, and consider what really happened. When you get all the facts, all sides of the story, things might be better than they seemed at first.

LIKE. Say you like it. Find something in the mistake you can use to encourage the people you assume have just busted their butts for you.

LEARN. Extract a lesson from the loss. Make sure everyone understands what was learned. In fact, it’s best to draw the learning out of them rather than dictating it to them.

If you practice these three steps—listen, like, learn—you’ll get a whole lot more cooperation and better results all around.

image: © Ocean/Corbis


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