Draw Me a Picture


Get a blank piece of paper and a pencil. Take a minute to relax, and then try to draw without planning a picture. Think about what you want to draw and start making bold marks on the page. Don’t judge the results. Just enjoy yourself. If you don’t like what you see, start over. Stick with this exercise for ten minutes or more. If you draw just for the fun of it, you’ll love the results. Why not display your favorite effort on the refrigerator?

Why limit yourself to paper? You can carry the same kidlike expression into the rest of your world. What about the way you dress, the way you decorate your room, apartment, or home—your Happy Place? You can hang fuzzy dice from your rearview mirror if you want to. Chartreuse ones. You can wear a pinstriped suit with a waterbed mattress. Hang furniture from the ceiling or go completely the other way and make your house look like a cathedral or barn.

Just don’t forget to cheat. Look at the Architectural Digest. The more you cheat, the more you’ll see that a lot of cutting edge artists, decorators, musicians, designers and the like have already captured what you want to express. That’s what they do. Buy their stuff. Use the force they’ve already created and improve it. Make your environment—from what you wear to where you live and work—as much an expression of you as possible.

Make room for your personal interpretations in every corner of your life. Choose colors, scents, sounds and flavors just because they appeal to you—especially if it goes against the accepted way of doing things in your world.

image: © Vladimir Godnik/fstop/Corbis


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